Describe how i am connected to the physical network layer of the


 Write a 1- to 2-page paper or create a 6- to 8-slide presentation with visuals and speaker notes about how you are connected to the physical-network layer of the cyber domain. Identify the devices in your home that are connected to a network, such as your phone, computers, or other networked devices. Explain how those devices are connected to a larger network, such as a cellular provider or ISP. Discuss at least 3 threats to you and your connected networks. Format any references according to APA guidelines. 

Typical devices I have connected to my house are as follows:
Modem from ISP (Wave)
Orbi Router – plus 2 satellites
5 laptops
2 smart TV’s
14 FEIT Smart dimmable light switches
4 FEIT/Wemo smart plugs
5 Alexa’s
Garage Opener unit
1 networked printer
Dual Microwave/Oven smart appliance
2 Roomba Vacuum Cleaners
Honeywell Thermostat

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