Conflict resolution and defunding the police | communications | Lasell College

Papers should contain a 1.) review of research on a communication/ conflict resolution/ mediation/ arbitration/ negotiation topic in either an interpersonal or organizational setting and 2.) strong analytic and/or prescriptive elements. Each paper will be assigned a letter grade based on clarity of presentation, persuasiveness of arguments and the degree to which concepts and insights from the course are incorporated into the paper. Length can vary, from a minimum of 6 pages to a maximum of 10 pages. Aim for 8 pages. 

Research defunding the police debate, I am personally against defunding, they are needed. Even so explore all aspects and compare and contrast both sides.  Discuss how this topic relates to conflict resolution, for example, what styles of conflict resolution can be used to solve the debate. Attached are reading from class should be included in the research And related to the topic.

 This Class is based heavy on the reading in “Getting to the Yes“ by Roger Fisher and “Working through Conflict” by joseph Folger. The writer of this paper wil need to read some of those books to gather more information on conflict resolution strategies.  They can be rented on kindle app… i will include cost of books in overall cost.  Should be around $10 tops. 

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